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Videos and Images are inspired by our limited edition After Dark box. 


Live now! Join any day in March to get access to 30 daily tasks.  


The Loved Up Co Intimacy Challenge is a 30-day challenge perfect for couples to inject intimacy. Maybe you're new parents and feeling a little disconnected? Maybe you've been married for a while and in the same old routine? Maybe you're newly dating and looking to strengthen your connection. 


This isn't a sex challenge where you have sex every day for 30 days. Of course, you're welcome to, but this is a little different. 


We've partnered with certified sex educator Eleanor Hadley who has created six exercises that will be revealed throughout the 30 days to strengthen your connection. Between these expert-led days, you'll have non-sexual related challenges and others where it'll be about trying something new. 


What happens after you join the challenge? You'll be given access to our online program, best experienced via our app, where daily challenges will be revealed. You can do the daily challenge at any time. 


Do I need anything for the challenge? You don't 'need' anything other than the two of you but there are extra tools we recommend to enhance the experience. If you'd like us to send a selection of our favorite after-dark items please add this at check-out. Otherwise, we recommend good-quality lube, optional toys ~ whatever you're in to or willing to try, condoms, and if you want to add a little extra you can get spreadable chocolate. 


What's included in the optional add-on (image number 2)? You'll be sent the VUSH couples Orb pleasure ring, VUSH intimacy gel, Jonny condom overnighter, Girls Get Off cleanies, and mini silicone brush.  RRP $105AUD. Challenge price $69.95AUD. Plus shipping which is calculated at checkout. 


We had more than 100 couples join our 10-day Intimacy challenge in 2022, so we thought let's make this bigger and better. 


Please note we condone consenting sex, so both of you must agree to take part in the challenge. Also, don't be scared, this isn't scary, we won't be asking you to do any threesomes, bum stuff, jump on a sex swing... we've heard it all, and this isn't that. 


If you have a question on if this is for you shoot us an email and someone from the team will be in touch 

30-Day Intimacy Challenge

PriceFrom $9.95
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