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Personalised Placemats: Valentine's Day Edition

Make Valentine's Day extra special for the whole family with a custom placemat.

The perfect touch to make sure everyone you love knows what you love about them. You can do a special breakfast with waffles, pancakes, or eggs or even cook your loved ones' favorite dinner. 


How does it work? After you purchase you'll get an email (check your junk just in case) please reply to that email answering the prompts so we can customise your placemats. Once you've replied we'll get your final files emailed to you 24 hours later ready for you to print. 



What size is the file? A4! If you'd like it bigger let us know in the email reply after purchase 


When is the cut-off to order? Feb 12th! If you order the placemat now we will get it to you ASAP. 


Have a question? DM us on Instagram or send an email to the team at

Personalised Placemats: Valentine's Day Edition

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