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3 Valentine's Gift Ideas (that aren't flowers)

2023 is for doing things differently, and yes that includes Valentine's Day. Let's be honest flowers are so expensive on V-day and roses are just not worth it #WeSaidIt. If you want to buy flowers do it ANY OTHER day. In fact, do it now for a random surprise!

So, what are some super cute, *mostly* FREE, really easy, and honestly going to get your loved one right in the feels?

We've got three:

1. DIY Chocolate

Time: 60 Mins

Cost: $10

Love factor: ♡♡♡♡♡

This isn't just any ordinary chocolate, it's their FAVOURITE chocolate but with an extra yummy twist. Check out how to make it here.

2. 14 Things I Love About You

Time: 15 Mins

Cost: $2.50

Love factor: ♡♡♡♡♡

This has to be the easiest and most thoughtful Valentine's Day gift. Grab a photo that you love of yourself and your loved one and write 14 things you love about them on the back. Why 14? Cause' V-day is the 14th of Feb. Duh. Check out our version here.

3. Post-it LOVE notes

Time: 15 Mins

Cost: FREE if you have post-it's laying around

Love factor: ♡♡♡♡♡

Cute, cute, cute. I know if your loved one woke up to a heart-shaped post-it note collection on the bathroom mirror their heart would melt. This is a sure thing to your loved one feeling the love. See what we did here.

If you do any of these be sure to snap a photo and tag us @TheLovedUpCo

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