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The Bachelors Blind Dates - Rate it or Hate it

Alright, we weren't going to get suckered into this years season of The Bachelors, but what can we say, we love reality TV and dating. So it felt like a perfect match. And whilst, we don't believe The Bachelor is a healthy way to find love... we do think it makes good TV.

So if you didn't tune into episode one, they kicked off the series with BLIND DATES.

Yes, the girls got to pick a date for the bachelor to meet them on. And this... is our rating of those dates. We are rating them out of 5 hearts! And no we aren't reviewing the bachelors or the people.

The blind dates we RATED


This date might feel a little wild for a first date, but it's a sure thing in finding out if you'll have any chemistry. There perfect way to not take each-other too seriously and have a laugh. If stripping down to swimmers feels too much even painting each-others arms will give a similar vibe.

Um, also we found this AWESOME body painting at home kit. Maybe not for a first date, but worth the look. Find out more here.

OUR RATING: ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡



Okay it starting to sound like we have a type of date we love the most, but this is another great example of a chance to be light hearted. Look the drawings will probably look like crap, but if nothing else it's fun and different. Grab some tools here.

OUR RATING: ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡



We love this, something to do so there's less pressure on only conversation and you get to EAT. Sign us up! Our only thought is that it needs time. So if you aren't vibing, then you're in for a long (maybe awkward) time.

Ps. We've found a cocktails and dumplings class in Melbourne. Check it out.




Yes, we are driven by food. Who doesn't love carbs? We thought this was fun. This is something you could pair with a coffee or a walk in the park. But imagine seeing two yum donuts hanging on a string and you've got to grab it. Cute and cheap.




EEEEEK, now we'd probably say no to this, but only because we don't have any tatts BUT if we had them then this is a vibe. If nothing else memorable for life. We loved that the choice was small and fun, so if you are rocking a sleeve you probably wouldn't notice. We're going heard with 4 hearts out of 5 for this one... for the right person.

OUR RATING: ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡



There were a few dates with sports and hobbies... from cricket, to tantric yoga and basketball. This is the golden nugget to a great first blind date. If you do something YOU are passionate about then you're already going to show yourself feeling more relaxed, confident and happy... and that is the VIBE. And the if your date isn't it your hobby, maybe they aren't for you?

OUR RATING: ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

The blind dates we HATED


Really? Now don't get us wrong coffee can be a good 5 min date if you're trying to gauge chemistry but let's be real. They are mostly awkward and the questions asked are usually BORING. What do you do? What's your family like? What do you do for fun? No. It's 2023, there are way too many amazing options that can be quick, fun and different to find out if you vibe.

NO MORE COFFEE DATES. Can we start a petition? Ps. It's The Bachelors surely there was budget for better ideas. We agree with this blog.

OUR RATING: -♡ -♡ -♡ (MINUS 3. Yes)



We've surprised ourselves with not rating this one, as we do like taking time to be mindful and still BUT it's not a blind first date. You can journal on this if it triggers you.



What do you think of our picks? Would do all of the ones we rated?

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